Moving to Hervey Bay, Queensland, is an exciting prospect. Known for its stunning coastline, friendly community, and vibrant lifestyle, Hervey Bay offers a range of suburbs, each with its unique charm. As a prospective buyer, selecting the right suburb to live in can significantly impact your quality of life. Here are our top 10 considerations to keep in mind when choosing a suburb in Hervey Bay.


    1. Proximity to the Beach:

    Hervey Bay is renowned for its beautiful beaches. If you love the ocean, consider how close you want to live to the waterfront. Suburbs like Torquay and Scarness offer easy beach access and a lively seaside atmosphere, perfect for those who enjoy water activities and stunning sunsets.

    2. Local Amenities:

    Access to amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, and medical facilities is crucial. Suburbs like Pialba and Urangan boast a range of amenities within easy reach. Pialba is known for its central shopping district, while Urangan offers both retail options and the famous Urangan Pier.

    3. Schools and Education:

    For families, proximity to quality schools is a top priority. Hervey Bay has several primary and secondary schools, including public and private options. Suburbs like Kawungan, Urraween and Wondunna are popular among families due to their reputable schools and family-friendly environments.


    4. Public Transport and Connectivity:

    Consider the availability and convenience of public transport. Suburbs with good connectivity make commuting easier, especially if you work outside of Hervey Bay or need to travel frequently. Pialba and Urraween are well-connected, offering regular bus services and easy access to major roads.

    5. Community and Lifestyle:

    Each suburb has its own vibe and community spirit. Some areas, like Point Vernon, are known for their peaceful, residential feel, ideal for retirees and those seeking a quieter lifestyle. In contrast, Scarness and Torquay offer a more vibrant, social atmosphere with plenty of activities and events.

    6. Safety and Crime Rates:

    Safety is a paramount consideration. Research the crime rates in different suburbs to ensure you choose a secure and safe environment. Generally, Hervey Bay is considered a safe place to live, but it’s always wise to check the latest statistics and talk to locals for their insights.

    7. Future Growth and Development:

    Look into the future growth and development plans for the suburbs you’re considering. Areas like Pialba, Kawungan and Nikenbah are seeing increasing interest due to planned infrastructure projects and development, which can potentially increase property values and improve amenities

    8. Affordability and Property Prices:

    Affordability is a key factor for many buyers. Compare property prices in various suburbs to find one that fits your budget. Eli Waters and Point Vernon often offer more affordable options without compromising on quality of life. Keep in mind that beachfront properties typically command higher prices.

    9. Recreational Facilities:

    Access to parks, sports facilities, and recreational activities can enhance your lifestyle. Suburbs like Kawungan and Urraween have several parks and recreational centres, making them ideal for active individuals and families who enjoy outdoor activities.

    10. Environmental Factors:

    Consider the environmental aspects, such as flood zones and coastal erosion. Ensure the suburb you choose is not prone to flooding or other environmental issues. Hervey Bay generally has a favourable climate, but it’s always good to check local council maps and speak to real estate agents about any concerns.


    Selecting the right suburb in Hervey Bay requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure it aligns with your lifestyle and needs. From proximity to the beach and local amenities to safety and future growth prospects, each element plays a vital role in your decision-making process. By evaluating these top 10 considerations, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect suburb to call home in beautiful Hervey Bay.

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