1. Local Market Conditions: Understanding the pulse of the local real estate market is crucial for potential sellers. A seasoned agent should provide insights into current trends, such as whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, and share data on recent sales and property values in the neighbourhood.

2. Property Valuation: Accurate property valuation is fundamental to a successful sale. Sellers want to know the fair market value of their home and the factors influencing its value in the current market. A transparent and well-documented valuation ensures that the property is priced competitively to attract potential buyers.

3. Comparable Sales: To set realistic expectations, sellers benefit from knowing about recent sales of similar properties in the area. Comparative market analysis provides a benchmark for pricing, helping sellers gauge where their property stands in relation to others recently sold.

4. Market Demand: A key concern for sellers is understanding the demand for properties in their location. Agents should provide insights into the level of interest in the market; helping sellers gauge how quickly they can expect to sell their property.

5. Timing the Sale: Timing is everything in real estate. Sellers want guidance on the best time to list their property to maximise exposure and capitalise on favourable market conditions. Whether it’s a seasonal trend or a unique factor affecting the local market, sellers need strategic advice on when to make their move.

6. Presentation Tips: First impressions matter, and sellers want practical tips on how to enhance their property’s appeal. This includes advice on landscaping, minor repairs, and staging to ensure the property makes a positive impact on potential buyers from the moment they walk through the door.

7. Legal Considerations: Navigating the legalities of a property sale can be daunting for sellers. A reliable agent should provide a clear overview of the legal processes involved, including required paperwork, disclosures, and any potential hurdles that may arise during the transaction.

8. Marketing Strategies: A robust marketing plan is essential for attracting potential buyers. Sellers want to know how their property will be showcased, whether through online platforms, traditional advertising, or exclusive networks. A well-crafted marketing strategy increases the property’s visibility and the likelihood of a successful sale.

9. Agent’s Experience: Sellers seek confidence in their chosen agent’s experience and track record. A brief overview of the agent’s successful sales, industry expertise, and familiarity with the local market reassures sellers that they have a capable partner in the selling process.

10. Fees and Commissions: Transparent communication about fees and commissions is vital for establishing trust between the seller and the agent. Sellers appreciate a clear breakdown of costs associated with selling their property, ensuring there are no surprises when the transaction is complete.

11. Negotiation Strategies: Sellers want assurance that their agent is a skilled negotiator who will work to secure the best possible deal. A brief overview of the agent’s negotiation strategies and approach helps sellers understand how their interests will be represented during this critical phase of the selling process.

12. Open House and Private Viewing: Open houses and private viewings are a key component of the selling process, and sellers want to know the agent’s strategy for showcasing their property. Whether it’s frequency, timing, or special events, a well-thought-out plan ensures maximum exposure to potential buyers.

13. Advertising Platforms: Sellers are interested in the reach and visibility of their property, so understanding the advertising platforms used is crucial. Agents should outline where and how the property will be advertised, including online listings, social media, and any other specialised channels.

14. Buyer Pre-qualification: To streamline the selling process, sellers appreciate an agent who ensures that potential buyers are financially qualified. This involves pre-qualifying buyers to ensure they have the means to purchase the property, reducing the likelihood of complications during negotiations.

15. Market Conditions: Real estate markets can be dynamic, and sellers want guidance on how current market conditions may impact their sales. Whether it’s adjusting pricing strategies or anticipating buyer behaviours, a proactive approach to market conditions benefits the seller.

16. Property Inspection Tips: Property inspections are a critical step in the selling process. Sellers seek advice on how to prepare their property for inspections, addressing any potential issues proactively and ensuring a smooth inspection process that instills confidence in potential buyers.

17. Sales Timeline: Understanding the timeline from listing to closing is essential for sellers planning their next steps. An overview of the expected timeline provides sellers with a realistic expectation of when they can complete the sale and move on to the next chapter.

18. Feedback and Updates: Sellers value communication throughout the selling process. An agent who provides regular feedback and updates on the status of the sale, including buyer interest and market dynamics, keeps sellers informed and engaged in the process.

19. Staging Advice: Staging plays a crucial role in presenting a property in its best light. Sellers appreciate practical advice on how to stage their home, including de- cluttering, de-personalising, and highlighting key features that appeal to potential buyers.

20. Post-Sale Support: The relationship between a seller and their agent doesn’t end at the closing table. Sellers want to know what post-sale support is available, whether it’s assistance with the transition to a new property, addressing any post-closing concerns, or simply staying connected for future real estate needs. A reliable agent’s commitment extends beyond the sale, fostering a long-term partnership with the client.

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